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Since getting an Apple Watch, I record all of my workouts and store the data in the Apple Health app.

One problem I have run into, is that it is difficult to review the results of those workouts in a way that I can compare progress and volume easily, whether it be year to year, month to month, or week to week.

Meet Run Record

Run Record icon

Run Record allows me to see relevant stats, grouped in logical intervals.

Workouts include:

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Cycling

Stats include:

  • Total # of Workouts
  • Total Duration
  • Total Distance - ( kilometers or miles )
  • Total Energy Burned
  • Average Pace - ( kilometers or miles )

View by:

  • Year
  • Month
  • Week

See PR’s Quickly

At the top of each list, is a summary of all of the best values for the selected time frame and each item represented is tagged for ease of locating within the list.


If lists aren’t your thing, view the current stats in a chart choosing which metric you wish to see!


All data is read from the Apple Health App and never leaves your phone!

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Something Missing?

If you have an idea for a feature or use case for the app, please let me know!

I'm Brandon Lehr, your friendly, neighborhood developer

✱ May or may not be friendly, most likely not your neighbor