The Pack Admin - Free Software for managing Cub Scout Packs

The Pack Admin

Running a Cub Scout Pack is hard. There is just so much to keep track of. Information has to be kept on all of the boys and their parents. This information needs to accessible, able to be retrieved at a moments notice, so that it can be used while purchasing supplies and for assisting in activity planning. Then there are the leaders. Have they completed their youth protection? How do I get a hold of them?

Often, these challenges are handled through confusing spreadsheets and messy notebooks, or sometimes through expensive software based solutions (as if there is any money left in the budget for that :disappointed:).

I love to use software to solve problems, if the price is right, which means FREE!

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So, I decided to build my own and share it with everyone else, The Pack Admin. The Pack Admin is a simple to use, safe and secure, application for handling all of your Pack management needs. Simply create a free account, and begin adding all your scouts and leaders.

What about individual scout advancements?

Baked in! In the scout detail view, simply click add advancements and enter the completion date for each finished requirement.

Will it work on my phone?

Absolutely! The website adapts to all screen sizes, enabling easy updating and viewing of Pack information while on the run.

Can I still print everything for my files?

All information can be conveniently downloaded in PDF format. Easily email copies to all of the leaders, or hand them a printed copy.

What are you waiting for?

Head on over to The Pack Admin and give it a try! If you run into any problems, or would like to see new features added, just reach out to me at

I'm Brandon Lehr, your friendly, neighborhood developer

✱ May or may not be friendly, most likely not your neighbor