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Why stop with just one WordPress theme?

With Pummel, I went all out with the customizer options. I decided to to make a new theme, where less is more. I call it Mine, because it’s Mine ( I’m so clever ).

I haven’t submitted it to the WordPress theme directory yet. I wanted to test it out and see what everyone else thought about it first. Overall, I kept things basic. A simple white and grey theme with red accents, perfect for letting the content shine forth. The header includes a widget on the right-hand side, which is styled for jetpack’s social media links widget and the footer accommodates three widget areas as well.

Mine WordPress Theme


Mobile Ready

Mine is built with bootstrap so it is responsive and fully functional on all mobile devices. A theme that works everywhere. Awesome!


So let me know what you think in the comments. I’m open to any and all suggestions!

Brandon Lehr

I'm Brandon Lehr, a web developer, machinist, and sometimes mechanic (when the truck breaks down). I guess you could say that I enjoy solving problems and building things.

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