Looking for a React Js Tutorial?


There is always more to learn! JavaScript is moving fast and doesn’t appear to be slowing anytime soon. The question is, “How do I go about learning all of these new things?” Where do I go to learn Angular, React, Node, Backbone, RxJs, Browserify, Gulp, Webpack, ES6, 7, 2025… ? Where can I learn it and learn it correctly?

If you’re expecting the answer to end all answers, I’m sorry. I’m still searching for many of these myself, but I have found one answer.

The React.js Program

I stumbled upon the React.js Program while surfing the web for yet another react tutorial, one that would explain the tech and how it all fits together.

This is the One!

I can’t recommend it enough. I have recently completed the React.js Fundamentals course and feel as though I have a much better grasp on writing apps with react. The tutorial is very well done.

The course starts out teaching how to setup webpack to compile and run a dev server. If you have played with React at all you have faced the realization that setting up the tooling can be half the battle!

The course walks through building a small application utilizing react, react router, and axiom. Every step of the way is explained clearly and thoroughly. I not only learned what works, but why it works.

The React Fundamentals is a free course written using ES5 syntax. If you’re looking for ES6/7 or Redux, there are lessons for that as well. You can view all of Tyler McGinnis’ offerings here. Only the Fundamentals course is free, I haven’t tried the others yet, but should be shortly.

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