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Calling an Android DatePicker Fragment from a Fragment and getting back the Date

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I recently ran into a situation in which I had to launch a date-picker fragment from a fragment. I had used the date-picker before, calling it from an activity and implementing an interface. Calling from a fragment can be handled the same way, but the response goes to the controlling activity. In this instance I wanted the result to go directly to the calling fragment. So this is what I came up with.

The Fragment calling the DatePicker

The most important part is the line newFragment.setTargetFragment(MyFragment.this, REQUEST_CODE);. The target lets the new fragment know where to report back to and the REQUEST_CODE is just an integer used for identification.

The date selected in the date-picker is received in the onActivityResult method.


Here is the code for the date-picker fragment. It is in the OnDateSet method that the date is sent back to the target fragment.

All of the code for this example can be found on github at DatePickerExample If you have any questions or have any suggestions on how to improve the code, I would love to hear them.

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