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Roll Call Attendance App

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Looking for a convenient way to track attendance?

Check out Roll Call for Android

Create top-level groups with subgroups, for example:

1. Algebra

  • 1st Period
  • 2nd Period
  • etc.

2. Pack 112

  • Tiger
  • Wolf
  • etc.

Create and attach attendees to subgroup

Roll Call Logo
Roll Call Logo

Track attendance as a simple yes/no checkbox, or...

Include start and stop times for attendees. Great for when an event rewards attendees based on time present!

Roll Call Logo
Get it on Google Play

On the Web

Now you can use Roll Call on the web. With the ability to download attendance records!

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you. I’m always looking for feedback, to improve the app.

Brandon Lehr

I'm Brandon Lehr, a web developer, machinist, and sometimes mechanic (when the truck breaks down). I guess you could say that I enjoy solving problems and building things.

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