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Announcing The Alpaca Tracker logo

Who doesn’t love alpacas?

My kids have been showing alpacas through 4H at our county fair for a few years now. When we started, it was through the generosity of alpaca owners letting us work with and show their animals. Instantly, we fell in love.

Now, we own seven!

It was through the generosity of others that I got started with alpacas and now I want to give something back.

So I would like to announce the Alpaca Tracker. Alpaca Tracker is a free alpaca record keeping web app that allows you to conveniently, securely, and freely keep a record of all of your alpacas and their information!

There are other options out there, but they all come at a price, and often contain a confusing interface full of unneeded options, and slow response times. I designed Alpaca Tracker to be simple and effective, giving easy access to all of the information that you actually need on desktop and mobile to keep your herd successfully and efficiently managed.

Here is a walk through video of the Alpaca Tracker.

Brandon Lehr

I'm Brandon Lehr, a web developer, machinist, and sometimes mechanic (when the truck breaks down). I guess you could say that I enjoy solving problems and building things.

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